Engineering @ Ramp I currently work as a Software Engineer at Ramp, building out spend management tools in our webapp. Click here to see a project I worked on, building out a reusable chart framework for our UI library! An (inactive) Svelte Maintainer Svelte is a frontend framework designed around compiling components to fast JavaScript with no runtime. I love how fast Svelte apps load and the easy to learn language, give it a look if you haven't tried it! Follow me on Mastodon! Find my latest musings on my Mastodon instance, hosted with an overengineered k8s setup designed to trade time for being webscale! If you're interested, contact me to join the community. We're a bunch of hackers, cat lovers, and technology enthusiasts. I Write a Lot of Stuff, Sometimes I wrote an article almost 8 years ago comparing Node.js and JavaScript IDEs, however it has become painfully out of date with editors like Brackets and Nodeclipse on it! Here’s my new list for 2022, comparing IntelliJ vs VSCode vs Atom vs Sublime Text 4! Remote Freelancer for Nearly a Decade Starting in 2013, I started doing remote freelancer programming apps, planning projects, and building out infra for over 50 companies. While I no longer do freelancing, the company remains as branding for many of my projects.