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August 01, 2020

A short thought that recently popped up in my brain for some reason, is why when I’m not feeling well I choose to play video games instead of do something like watch entertainment or do some self-improvement. I think I’ve came to the realization that video games are an out for me, they’re something I can spend time on “improving” that doesn’t have anything to do with how I’m physically doing at the moment.

Improving is probably the only real life goal I have, where I aspire every day to work on improving what I didn’t like about previous days. If I don’t like the way I treated someone, I focus on not continuing to do that. If I didn’t like how short my workout is, I focus on doing a longer workout. If I don’t like my attitude, I brainstorm ways to approach how I’m feeling.

But when I’m really not feeling well, either physically or mentally, I tend to just play video games. I can get that feeling of improving as I learn from my mistakes, without actually dealing with mistakes I’m going through in real life. Obviously if I’m not feeling well that makes it harder to do self-improvement, but maybe that’s the key to getting out of vicious cycles of feeling down.

Written by Paul.

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