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July 21, 2020

Do you ever just think about what would happen to the things around you after you die? Sometimes I wonder how people will remember me, not just the good or bad. I don’t open up with stuff like this that often, so I wonder if people will know that I enjoyed near every bit of work I did, which is why I’ve worked so much. Or that I’ve enjoyed the friendships of the people around me. Or things like how much I think about everything I own, as I don’t like to own things without a purpose.

I was thinking of drafting up a will earlier, I don’t have one currently but given how fast things can happen, it’s probably a good idea to have one. It’d look a little something like giving my friends the items I own that they’d enjoy, then leaving my family the memorabilia. I also think I should put some way of access to my accounts (I was thinking a USB drive with passwords & 2fa backup), because I feel like I’d like my online presence to reflect my own demise.

I also was thinking about writing down my long-term goals in a format that shows my progress on them, because that’s what I’d like most to reflect how I’ve spent my time on Earth. I’d like people to see that I’ve worked on things I love and could accomplish anything, because I worked hard. There’s a saying that if you work hard you can have anything, and another saying that says that first saying is false. I’m not going to give a definitive answer to that argument, but I will say that working hard has worked pretty well for me.

On my side projects I’ve either achieved what I wanted to achieve, or learned a significant amount that pushes me forward in my skills and knowledge. On my long-term goals, I’ve continued to move forward, even with setbacks. I’ve been meticulously planning everything and I’m excited to see the day that I can show everyone my magnum opus. But in case that day doesn’t happen, maybe I should start drafting.

Still not sure why I’m doing a personal blog that I don’t plan on showing anyone, but it’s very therapeutic! Also if you’re reading this, hi! =)

Written by Paul.

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